MSNBC Airs Softball Interview with Anti-Union Activist Campbell Brown

Huffington Post August 19, 2015

“After her show was cancelled on account of low ratings, former CNN anchor Campbell Brown reinvented herself as an education reformer and charter school advocate — this despite having little to no training in education, and never having taught students herself…” Click here to read more.


The Problem with Making Education a Campaign Issue

LA Times, August 19, 2015

“While it may be true that six GOP presidential hopefuls spent the better part of Wednesday discussing education with Brown at a forum in Londonderry, N.H., and the event’s hashtag, #edsummit15, was a top trending topic on Twitter, education has far more hurdles to jump over beyond money and publicity to top the campaigning charts…” Click here to read more.


Campbell Brown Has a New Education Focused Site: Is it News or Advocacy?

Washington Post, July 14, 2015

“The Seventy Four’s first articles Monday suggest that it favors an agenda that is advocated primarily by business interests and conservative politicians, and that is strongly opposed by public school teachers and their unions.” Click here to read more.


Progressive Groups Launch Campaign To Paint Campbell Brown As A “Right-Wing Elitist”

Buzzfeed Politics  August 8, 2014

“Teachers always used to say follow the money — I so totally get that right now,” said Zakiyah Ansari, advocacy director for the Alliance for Quality Education, one of the chief groups leading the campaign. “The people that have the money are pushing this agenda. And we have to call that out.” Click here to read more.


Who The Fck Is Campbell Brown?

Esquire August 6, 2014

So Brown is now out there shilling for the latest “reform” scheme — using the courts to bust the teacher’s unions and to deny public school teachers the freely-bargained rights to due process that ensure that they will not be altogether subject to the whims of local school board fanatics. Click here to find out more.


Did She Answer Any Of The #Questions4Campbell? Nope.

Buzzfeed Community,  August 01, 2014

Before Campbell Brown’s visit to The Colbert Report, parents, teachers, students and community members sent her over 8,000 tweets with their #Questions4Campbell. Did she answer any of them? See for yourself.


Protesters slam teacher tenure foe Campbell Brown outside ‘The Colbert Report’ studios

Daily News , August 01, 2014

About 20 protesters gathered outside “The Colbert Report” studios in Hell’s Kitchen Thursday shouting there’s nothing funny about Campbell Brown’s legal assault on teacher tenure. The demonstrators chanted “public education is our right, let them teach, stop this fight!” and “Campbell, Campbell who funds you? Wall Street hedge funds isn’t that true?”… “Campbell Brown does not speak for me! She does not speak for my child,” said parent supporter Elzora Cleveland, 46… Read article


In Push Against Teachers Unions, Campbell Brown Refuses to Release Names Of Funders

International Business Time,  August 01, 2014

The founder of a high-profile group seeking to weaken teacher tenure laws refuses to reveal who is funding her efforts, despite her organization’s stated aim to “bring transparency” to education policymaking. Public school advocates have argued that with the education sector becoming amultibillion-dollar business, Wall Street executives have a financial profit motive for investing heavily in the education policy debate… Read more!


Fact-checking Campbell Brown: What she said, what research really shows

The Washington Post,  August 01, 2014

“Fact check time: On Thursday night, Campbell Brown, a former journalist and CNN correspondent, appeared on The Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert’s questions seemed difficult for Ms. Brown to answer. Here, however, I am more interested in checking the “facts” that Ms. Brown uses to make her case. Quite simply: there is no research demonstrating causation between teacher tenure laws and lower rates of student achievement, which is the entire argument behind the lawsuit. Let’s look at what she said versus what research actually shows…


Celebrated Trial Lawyer to Head Group Challenging Teacher Tenure

New York Times,  August 03, 2014

Zakiyah Ansari, advocacy director of the Alliance for Quality Education… said she wanted teachers to have job protection. As a parent, she said, “I want a teacher to be able to feel comfortable knowing that they can step up and protect my child.” Click here to read more. 


Campbell Brown Talks Tenure on Colbert

CapitalNY, August 01, 2014

… Before the taping, about a dozen protesters organized by the Alliance for Quality Education, a union-backed group, gathered outside the studio and held signs reading “Campbell Brown doesn’t speak for me,” and “Who funds you?” In the hours before the taping, dozens of people tweeted a variety of critical questions for Colbert to ask Brown, using the hashtag “questions4campbell…” Click Here to read more. 


Who is Funding Campbell Brown’s Fight Against Teacher Tenure?

Inside Philanthropy, June 25, 2014

“The money behind the successful lawsuit against teacher tenure in California was never a mystery: The bulk of funds came from David Welch, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur…” Click here to read more.